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Peaced Off of FBook

After a turn of events and some realizations of my current social status, I have finally kicked facebook to the curb for now.  Interestingly enough facebook will be going public and selling shares for $45 in the next couple of weeks…  Ahh who cares.  I have more important priorities and things to worry about in my life then what facebook is doing.  So many changes and things going on right now in my mind, the last thing I need is a distraction as tedious and time consuming as fbook.  Hope you all understand.    

Career minded folk.

So the long search for work has come to an amazing end.  I am proud to be paired up with a really great friend and fellow wakeboarder to tackle some amazing challenges.  For those of you who don’t know, my dream started probably eight years ago where I was working in the shipping department for a printing company.  Working in logistics and even cooler the sales end of the transportation industry was in my sites.  In and out of school a couple of times, offset by a few social changes in a couple of non career oriented jobs, I eventually hunkered down to accomplish my dream.  

I was given the phone call the other night to ask, what name would I like my computer and Iphone to have on them.  Pretty sweet gig!  

This is just a true testament that no matter how bad you think your life is or how far you have gone just to make ends meet, it’s never really that bad.  Even though all along I kept asking God, why would you make me suffer this long? When are you going to show up?  I may have thought he was late in my time tables, however he was right on time in his.  This typically pisses me off because it’s usually so last min.  Had it not been for the USPS for offering me a job to stay in TN and then flopping on it when I arrived to start my first day, (clueless that I was a new hire and asking me to come back later), I wouldn’t have stayed long enough to consider the opportunity that I will call my future.

For those of you unemployed and seeking something that fits with where you want to be in life, hang in there!  Gods plan for you is already written and he knows where you are right now.  He won’t make you go through something so challenging that you can’t accomplish it.  Just be patient.  His time tables are so much more exhilarating then ones you could manipulate and manufacture for your own good.

These girls are growing up so fast!  What am I going to do when they don’t want to hang with Uncle Nate?

These girls are growing up so fast!  What am I going to do when they don’t want to hang with Uncle Nate?

College Budget

I love it! If we truly have faith and believe, we already know that our God is a huge God, and he can help no matter what. When I am in the midst of a horrible trial or tribulation I like to seek for his guidance as well. For it is said that he has written this story prior to our existence. Keeping this in mind, he wouldn’t put us, as his children, into anything that he wouldn’t intend to give us a solution or way out.  I hate drama, but I almost desire to have problems sometimes because of his mercy and grace can be felt most, and that is where I see the presence of my God often! Problems are a great sign that you are being challenged to a higher calling. Anything worth changing is what is holding us back from something greater. Money issues are the most popular problem to have. The best advice I can say is to pray about it. When we put the money on the table at the end of the day and present it to God as his money, that affords our lives, and ask him what we should do with it, he will respond with an amazing song!

Today is not the end!

Henry Ford’s industrious outlook that oversaw the ideas and development of mass production and higher wages for workers, lead to a huge uprising in American society and politics.  His ideas and work ethics as well as curiosity supported a diligent process that when applied was bulletproof.   He was capable of educating himself in a way to have a vision that had such a positive vibe, he quickly gathered followers and investors in his ideas, and early on before the automobile was a thought he was gaining useful knowledge.  What is interesting through the history of Henry Ford’s accomplishments is that he failed a number of times largely affecting the people and things around him.  Today these failure are hardly even heard about, yet when people suddenly see hardship in our society they cringe and panic.  Because of his willingness to analyze other great people and their opinions on how his automotive designs and manufacturing establishments worked, he was able to come back out on top after every time he got knocked down.  This is a lesson to always keep an open mind and seek a higher more educated and better opinion on something before making an irrational decision, and keep poking at the things that don’t give a positive response on the first go-round.  Eventually something HUGE will arrive.

Freedom for Adventure.

God is in the business of teaching us to listen and learn from him, and sometimes he turns the tables and is attempting to listen to us for our responses to the trials and tribulations we are going through.  If we truly believe in him and his grace,  we will know exactly what to do in these times, as he is testing us with our faith for him.  I hate knowing this because when I am down and in the middle of a rut of confusion and anger because things aren’t going my way, I seem to forget that no matter what happens, God doesn’t make crap #1, and he wouldn’t put us through any situation that he didn’t make us strong enough to get out of #2.  The best times are those when we have done all that we can do while we are all prayed up and the calm before the storm sets in.  This wisdom and patients that I have been praying for is really helping right now.  As the beat gets harder and louder, my smile is getting larger and more exciting for I am in the Lord and his paths bring pure adventure. 

Turning The Page.

When one door closes, another one opens.  When you miss the past and the life you used to live, sometimes it’s an adventure to allow someone to pour a little bit of that back into you, especially when the memories were good.  I’m moving on with some of the best stories, and turning the next page of my life today.  Not really sure where God is leading me but the feeling of freedom is almost enough to get me where ever I need to go.

As the old sailors saying goes,

"May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face.
And may the winds of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars.”  

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Have you ever thought about why you are not where you feel like you deserve?  Today, I’m going to walk with a note card in my pocket that explains why Christ’s purpose is so much more important than mine.  All to often we find reasons and examples where we self manufacture desires and circumstances for our own good.  Having the card in my pocket is going to really piss me off because lately I have felt an overwhelming desire to be someone I know that God does not want me to be.  Hoping through this I can not only overcome my challenge, but inspire someone else to change for the sake of his Kingdom!

My new location after I bounce off facebook.  Follow my lead!

My new location after I bounce off facebook.  Follow my lead!